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Econ - Waste Water Treatment Plant and MEP Design Experts


Econ – Effluent Treatment Plant, STP, ZLD & MEP Consultants in India

M/s Econ Pollution Control Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (Effluent Treatment Plant, STP, ZLD & MEP Consultants in India) has a fully equipped modern office central locality in Mumbai with adequate administrative back up.

Econ has successfully completed more than 250 Projects in the Environmental Engineering field since their existence. To see the list of Projects undertaken please follow the link.

We are members of Indian Association of Environmental Management, Indian Environmental Association, Indian Water Works Association, Indian Concrete Institute, Institute of Engineers, American Institute of Concrete, Indian Association of Environmental Health. At Econ, we are also IGBC certified LEED India approved Associate Professionals (AP).

At Econ we have adequate staff to undertake small, middle level & large projects.

We at Econ draw upon our associate’s resources when diverse assignments are undertaken.

Econ offers specialized design related services in the following areas of Environmental Engineering:
1. Urban Infrastructure Projects (MEP Services, Planning and Designing of Storm Water Drainage, Rain Water Harvesting, etc)
2. Environmental Assessment
3. Community Environmental Management Plan
4. Sewage and Industrial Waste Treatment (design of Effluent Treatment Plant, ZLD plant, STP, etc)
5. Recycling and Reuse of Waste water
6. Detailed Engineering
7. Commissioning
8. Operation & Maintenance

Please read more about the services we offer in our Competencies section.

At Econ we believe water is a free gift of nature which has lead to the formation of this entire Universe including our own planet, the Earth. The existence and growth of every living organism in the Universe is inevitably dependent on this nature’s gift.

However, with the ever increasing population & subsequent increase in water demand there has arisen a situation of negative global water balance, which has caused grievous problems in manifolds especially in India. Its actual usage has never been understood by man till now and the importance of conservation, purification, recycling & reuse has reached to an alarming stage.

Thus, at Econ Pollution Control Consultants we realize this concern & it is our constant endeavor to research, design & provide the latest technologies in the market to our clients, may it be in the field of industrial waste water treatment or domestic services. Our expertise ranges from the design of complete ZLD’s (Zero Liquid Discharge Systems) to services for high rise buildings. We are conversant with the various legislations & are more than willing to resolve any water related problem of yours.

Always remember “A drop of water saved is a drop of water earned!!”

About The Company

In the last 28 years of Econ Pollution Control Consultant Company’s existence, it has been providing expert consulting advice in matters related to Waste Water Treatment and Infrastructure Services. The company is partnership firm with two partners by the name of: Mr. Nayan Khambati & Mr. Hemant Thakker


We have credentials in a list of Industrial and Real Estate Infrastructure Projects. Some of the projects and the design services we provide are listed in the Projects tab

Sectors - Competencies

We are known world wide to provide exceptional designing services for waste water treatment plants and MEP services. Our competence in Mechanical,Plumbing,Electrical, Sanitation and Public Health Engineering,Fire Fighting and Suppression design is second to none. We are pioneers in the field of design for water supply systems, waste water treatment plants & industrial effluent treatment and ZLD plants

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To hire our services please reach out to us by following the Contact Us link. We are an environmental design consultancy with no affiliations to any vendor or any technology. We provide what is best for our Client. It would be our pleasure to collaborate with you.